Will your lawn survive the whole winter?

Lawn care tips and maintenance suggestions for the winter time.

Winter time is a period of darker days, and colder temperatures.  Everyone wants to stay indoors, just like how plants slow down and undergo a more dormant life cycle period.  But there are still things you need to do so that your front lawn lasts until the spring growth cycle.  So here are a few suggestions.

Clean up your yard debris as soon as you can.

Don’t wait until the dead of winter to pick up yard trash and clippings.  Try and do that in the fall, so that your yard is somewhat cleared as it goes into the winter cycle.  Not everything, per se: your grass will benefit from having some level of grass mulch on top/throughout, so that it will have some protection from the cold all winter long.  Don’t squash the plants.

When you walk on your carpet, the fibers get matted down, and it looks older and more warn until you vacuum the floor.  Grass also gets matted down, and dirt can get compacted, if it gets walked on a lot.  So after your fall yard cleaning, make sure that foot traffic decreases during the winter. 
Also, even in the warmest of climates, a cold spell can cause grasses to become frozen or brittle, such as with frost.  Walking on frosty grass can cause it to break or chip, and this will harm your grass or lead to disease when moisture hits it or the spring thaw happens.  So watch out for your grass, and try to keep heavy traffic from off of your lawn.

Take care of your tools and equipment

If you’re going to reduce your lawn mowing activity for the winter months, that means your tools will sit unused as well.  And the cold or moisture may cause rust.  So its a good idea to take this time period to go over your lawnmower, sharpen lawn mower blades, sharpen or oil cutting tools like shovels and bush trimmers, and care for any leather implements like gloves.  If your lawnmower is really going to sit idle, and you can’t drain the fuel, its also a good idea to add a fuel stabilizer so that you keep your lawnmower working.

Do your lawn tools need replacing?  Now is a good time to check out your lawn equipment, unless you have a lawn mowing company do the basic lawn care for you.  Used tools may need replacing, and basic tools may need servicing.  Everything needs maintenance at some point, so having a lawn care maintenance schedule for your tools is never a bad idea.

Use an anti-fungus treatment when winter turns into spring

Melting snow (rain, or frost too) brings extra moisture to the lawn during a period of recovery for your plants. Plants can be susceptible to pests or diseases, so you will help your lawn grass survive that transition period if you apply a fungicide to the lawn.  Your local garden center can advise you on the best time of the season to use that lawn product.  Or you can always ask your local lawn care professional for advice, like us here at propper landscaping.

The best landscaping services


Any house owners that loves to gaze at the verdant lawn would be alert of the need to keep the it in pristine situation. Anyway, maintenance is a boring task. The continue need to keep it pretty and neat would be challenging for busy homeowners and for people who do not have the power to perform the menial tasks. If you are one of those persons who wants a lawn but do not want or do not have the time to care for your lawn,then here are a few tips on picking a lawn care services that matches you.

The care can rob you the chance to take pleasure in the weekend. Fortunately, there are firms that can provide lawn mowing services. These firms provide other services relevant to lawn care as well thus the tasks of pruning shrubs and trees, trimming hedges, feed and pest control, fertilizer application will be taken off your hands.

There are a lot of services accessible but how would you find the top contractor that would provide your lawn the top care? Mowing is a pretty straightforward job. Anybody with a mower can claim skill even though they know nothing how to care for the lawn rightly.Work experience counts a lot. A firm that has been in the business for a number of years is guessed to have gained the knowledge for right care. A contractor accredited with landscaping firms would even be better.

Different lawns have various mowing needs. Apart from being qualified, the top mowing service is one that is fully equipped to do the work. The service has to have different mowers as well as other maintenance tool to be capable to cater to customers different needs.If you have a big yard, a mowing service that uses a little push along mower is definitely a best choice. The top service would be one that has the equipment that would rightly match the size of your garden.

So how would you know if the business you pick have these qualifications? Ask around, relatives and friends would be eager to provide recommendations. Another choice is to look for internet reviews. Client testimonials would be most supportive. Most contractors practically provide the same services. These contractors may also have the same qualifications. Naturally, the top contractor would be the one that delivers what you want done to your yard. It is therefore necessary to talk what you specifically need, the time when the service is accessible and definitely the cost of the service.

In order to provide the house the added good looks of well maintained exterior, the lawn would need regular maintenance and care and a best standard mower would be necessary for this. It would dramatically better the aesthetic beauty of the home and make it one that neighbors would prevent and gaze at in admiration. Especially during the summertime when your lawn and garden can truly showcase all the hard job you have put into your garden. Solid landscaping services can truly provide you a best sense of satisfaction and achievement seeing the fruits of your labor.

lawn cutting services – what’s important

Just like trimming a fruit tree to produce healthier fruit, cutting your grass on a regular schedule is helpful for lawn health.  How much you cut, how often, and with what tools can all play a factor in the health of your lawn.

There are a few tricks to (at the least) keeping your lawn alive, and keeping it healthy enough to stay looking green without investing tons of time and effort.  Here are a few things that any good lawn cutting service will pay attention to.

First off, don’t set your mower too low.  Letting your grass grow (and shrink) gradually is pretty important.  If your lawn mowing service takes the grass down to a short length by cutting off many inches of grass blade, this can really hurt the plants, believe it or not.  Cutting more than “a little off the top” will harm the root growth of the plant, and damage the grass’s ability to harness the sun through photosynthesis; no blade, no sun.  And all this will lead to an unhealthy grass with short roots that is more susceptible to plant fungi and diseases (yes, plants can get sick).

Is your grass too tall?  That’s fixable, but not all at once.  Like you’ve probably read before, grass needs to be mowed gradually, taking off only about 2 or 3 inches at a time, until a few weeks of mowing have gone by.  If you can avoid hacking the entire top off the grass, please do so.  Your lawn will appreciate it.

The other important thing to remember, when hiring a lawn cutting service, is to make sure that lawn clippings get left ON the lawn, not cleaned up entirely and thrown away.  The thing to remember here is that you’re not growing a golf putting green.  Nature doesn’t look like an even-height carpet of tiny green grass.  Your lawn actually benefits from some clippings being left behind, for a few reasons.  Lawn clippings actually return nutrients to the soil, and they break down fairly quickly, so its like you’re getting a free dose of time-release (or slow release) fertilizer for your grass.

Obviously, if you have a huge amount of clippings, you don’t want to choke out the grass, so its ok to remove some of it and leave a small amount behind.  The rest?  you can use that in your garden, or put it in a mulch pile, if you have one.

The last thing to pay attention to is what kind of lawnmower gets used on your lawn.  Is it maintained?  Are the blades sharpened often enough to make clean cuts?  Well-maintained lawnmowers are a sign that your lawn cutting service is responsible with their equipment.  Taking care of their equipment probably means that they will be timely and responsible with customers as well, and we at propper landscaping aim to do just that.

10 Things to Avoid Regarding Lawn Care

Lawn care is big business.  Americans spend millions on their lawn every year, which may cause some people to think about cutting corners.  Saving isn’t bad, but make sure you don’t fall prey to any of these risky shortcuts:

Cut the grass too short
This all comes down to consistency.  The average person spends about an hour a week on lawn care, and its really easy to forget about it until its too long………and then try to cut it all back at once.  A good rule of thumb is to only cut off about 2 or 3 inches at a time, and to wait a few days to a week before doing it again. This way it will take a few mows to get it back to “regulation” height, but its healthier that way for the lawn.

skip doing a soil test
Do you know the pH level of your soil? If not, chances are that its incorrect, and that can mean that your plants don’t have enough nutrients.  Plants need proper pH to be able to absorb nutrients properly, so both need to be in balance for your grass.
Rule of thumb: do a soil test once every couple of years.  You can buy a kit online, or over the phone, but the best place to get the resources is to talk to your local governing body as far as plants are concerned.  Your local garden center can probably direct you.

Quick release fertilizer

Speedy fertilizers may get to the grass quicker, but they have a greater chance of causing adverse chemical reactions, or burning the grass.
This also gets back to laziness; its better to take your time, and its better for your plants if the soil amendment feeds the plants over time.  This will help your plants grow deeper and better. ● OverwateringHow often do you think you need to mow your lawn?  If you said every day, that’s not necessarily correct.  The average lawn care service suggests that you only water about two days a week.  Lawn maintenance services aren’t required, but if you are going to water yourself, you might only need to water about once or twice a week. Test your lawn until you know for certain.

Watering at the wrong time
Don’t water in the middle of the day.  Water sometime during the morning, so that it has time to soak into the soil before the sun can hit the grass blades and start photosynthesis.

Don’t ignore safety precautions
Working in nature has hazards of its own, so you shouldn’t be outside without proper footwear. Working with garden tools?  Everything from hand tools to lawnmowers involves sharp edged blades, so eye protection, glove protection, and long sleeves/pants are a pretty good idea.

Dull mower blades
You know how shaving with a dull razor can injure your skin?  Lawnmowers work on the same principle.  If you don’t get your blade sharpened once or twice a year, at least, it will rip the grass instead of cutting it.  Or it won’t cut at all.  And this will promote disease in your grass.

Not aerating your lawn
Have you ever seen a park lawn, when those little dirt tubes are scattered all over the grass?  This is lawn aeration, where you poke holes in the soil to allow things to breathe.  OVer time, your lawn can be compacted, and when the soil is more dense, the grass will not be able to grow as deep or get nutrients.

Not using fresh gas
If you’re mowing your own lawn, not using a lawn mowing service, you want to avoid using gasoline that’s been sitting for months in the lawnmower.  Gas in California contains ethanol, which is going to harm a lot of parts in your small engine machines, if left to sit.  So cycle it regularly.

Not patching your lawn dead areas

This doesn’t take much, but if success eludes you, you can always call us for assistance.  If you have a dead area in your lawn, one possible solution may be using grass seed.  if you know what type of grass you have, you can scatter seed around the dying area, slowly, at first.  Eventually it will grow out and you can blend it in to your existing lawn.

That’s it.  Keep these in mind, or ask us about them at propper landscaping.

Ways to Improve Your Lawn’s Health

Summer is gone and fall is here. Winter is on the way, and its generally time to take a different approach to your lawn.  Less so here in southern california, because the climate is so moderate and consistent, but cold chills and frost can still affect your grass health. So here are a few ideas for lawn health care.

Don’t worry; you don’t necessarily need to give up on a damaged lawn and start over, even though things may seem hopeless.  Sometimes work is required, yes, and if that’s the case, you might consider hiring a lawn care professional to get things done.  But you may not know the answers (or treatments) to your particular predicament, so it pays to learn a little bit, in case some basic step will fix things.


Does your lawn get a lot of use?  Do yoou move a lot of heavy objects or vehicles across your lawn?  Your front yard lawn may just need to breathe, it may be suffocated by the soil compaction.  And are you in a high clay area?  A heavy clay soil will also need more aerating more often than twice a year.  Normal lawns should only require lawn aeration about once per year, so check out your local garden center or hardware store for the right tools.  Or, of course, just call your trusted lawn care pros (like propper landscaping).

Soil nutrients:

Grasses require nutrition, just like any other living thing.  And different grass requires different levels of the basic elements.  If your plants are getting the food they need, they’re being starved, ,and that can affect your poor lawn appearance.  If you check out the fertilizer section at your home and garden store, you should be able to find a lawn formula that rejuvinates lawns.  Your lawn care pro should also have a lawn nutrient compound in stock.  These products should be people friendly (and pet safe), and they should work to protect your lawn against extreme heat and cold.   It should also improve root and leaf blade health.  The best products will have some level of nitrogen, that will time-release (essentially) to continue helping your plants over time.

That’s it for now.  If you need more input on lawn health, feel free to call us (or leave a message) any time.