Will your lawn survive the whole winter?

Lawn care tips and maintenance suggestions for the winter time.

Winter time is a period of darker days, and colder temperatures.  Everyone wants to stay indoors, just like how plants slow down and undergo a more dormant life cycle period.  But there are still things you need to do so that your front lawn lasts until the spring growth cycle.  So here are a few suggestions.

Clean up your yard debris as soon as you can.

Don’t wait until the dead of winter to pick up yard trash and clippings.  Try and do that in the fall, so that your yard is somewhat cleared as it goes into the winter cycle.  Not everything, per se: your grass will benefit from having some level of grass mulch on top/throughout, so that it will have some protection from the cold all winter long.  Don’t squash the plants.

When you walk on your carpet, the fibers get matted down, and it looks older and more warn until you vacuum the floor.  Grass also gets matted down, and dirt can get compacted, if it gets walked on a lot.  So after your fall yard cleaning, make sure that foot traffic decreases during the winter. 
Also, even in the warmest of climates, a cold spell can cause grasses to become frozen or brittle, such as with frost.  Walking on frosty grass can cause it to break or chip, and this will harm your grass or lead to disease when moisture hits it or the spring thaw happens.  So watch out for your grass, and try to keep heavy traffic from off of your lawn.

Take care of your tools and equipment

If you’re going to reduce your lawn mowing activity for the winter months, that means your tools will sit unused as well.  And the cold or moisture may cause rust.  So its a good idea to take this time period to go over your lawnmower, sharpen lawn mower blades, sharpen or oil cutting tools like shovels and bush trimmers, and care for any leather implements like gloves.  If your lawnmower is really going to sit idle, and you can’t drain the fuel, its also a good idea to add a fuel stabilizer so that you keep your lawnmower working.

Do your lawn tools need replacing?  Now is a good time to check out your lawn equipment, unless you have a lawn mowing company do the basic lawn care for you.  Used tools may need replacing, and basic tools may need servicing.  Everything needs maintenance at some point, so having a lawn care maintenance schedule for your tools is never a bad idea.

Use an anti-fungus treatment when winter turns into spring

Melting snow (rain, or frost too) brings extra moisture to the lawn during a period of recovery for your plants. Plants can be susceptible to pests or diseases, so you will help your lawn grass survive that transition period if you apply a fungicide to the lawn.  Your local garden center can advise you on the best time of the season to use that lawn product.  Or you can always ask your local lawn care professional for advice, like us here at propper landscaping.

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