lawn cutting services – what’s important

Just like trimming a fruit tree to produce healthier fruit, cutting your grass on a regular schedule is helpful for lawn health.  How much you cut, how often, and with what tools can all play a factor in the health of your lawn.

There are a few tricks to (at the least) keeping your lawn alive, and keeping it healthy enough to stay looking green without investing tons of time and effort.  Here are a few things that any good lawn cutting service will pay attention to.

First off, don’t set your mower too low.  Letting your grass grow (and shrink) gradually is pretty important.  If your lawn mowing service takes the grass down to a short length by cutting off many inches of grass blade, this can really hurt the plants, believe it or not.  Cutting more than “a little off the top” will harm the root growth of the plant, and damage the grass’s ability to harness the sun through photosynthesis; no blade, no sun.  And all this will lead to an unhealthy grass with short roots that is more susceptible to plant fungi and diseases (yes, plants can get sick).

Is your grass too tall?  That’s fixable, but not all at once.  Like you’ve probably read before, grass needs to be mowed gradually, taking off only about 2 or 3 inches at a time, until a few weeks of mowing have gone by.  If you can avoid hacking the entire top off the grass, please do so.  Your lawn will appreciate it.

The other important thing to remember, when hiring a lawn cutting service, is to make sure that lawn clippings get left ON the lawn, not cleaned up entirely and thrown away.  The thing to remember here is that you’re not growing a golf putting green.  Nature doesn’t look like an even-height carpet of tiny green grass.  Your lawn actually benefits from some clippings being left behind, for a few reasons.  Lawn clippings actually return nutrients to the soil, and they break down fairly quickly, so its like you’re getting a free dose of time-release (or slow release) fertilizer for your grass.

Obviously, if you have a huge amount of clippings, you don’t want to choke out the grass, so its ok to remove some of it and leave a small amount behind.  The rest?  you can use that in your garden, or put it in a mulch pile, if you have one.

The last thing to pay attention to is what kind of lawnmower gets used on your lawn.  Is it maintained?  Are the blades sharpened often enough to make clean cuts?  Well-maintained lawnmowers are a sign that your lawn cutting service is responsible with their equipment.  Taking care of their equipment probably means that they will be timely and responsible with customers as well, and we at propper landscaping aim to do just that.

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