Summer Tree and Lawn Maintenance

Summer means vacation and relaxation.  So let us help you take the easy road with your lawn maintenance, so you can appreciate the time off.
For example, lets take your larger plants: your ornamental and shrubs trees have developed fresh growth by mid-summer. That fresh growth must be pruned. After the pruning, all of the debris will be removed and raked up.
A final light pruning will still be done in the fall. This light fall pruning is very vital for the most shrubs and trees to prepare them for winter dormancy.

Pruning is a vital aspect of total tree care because it:

  • Removes damaged, weak diseased branches.
  • Is a tool to train trees during young development to improve the tree form.
  • Can make clearances required for streets, driveways, building, gutters, and windows, or facades, or power lines.
  • Makes amazing tree structure to reject storm damage to weak limbs. Right shaping can decrease storm damage by maintaining a fit form and size.
  • Keeps plants and trees at a size right for the space it is to fill
  • Can be done to make a plant more charming or improve the standard of its silhouette or standard of flowers or fruits.
  • Is an investment that can lead to large financial returns

Leaf removal
Areas that are heavily polluted with big and mature trees need a leaf removal in order to maintain a safe, clean property. Fall is also an important period for the rejuvenation of the grass and it is very vital that leaves do not cover the grass for long period of time. When the leaves start to fall, our landscape mowing crews take extra time to cut the leaves into fine, little pieces during routine mowing. When leaves begin to fall in heavy volume, they are gathered combine and removed. A final, late fall leaf removal may be done to leave your property clean and neat over the winter months.

For top results, aeration should be done in late fall and early spring. The aeration process permits the soil to breathe. This will also support to germinate new seed that will be sown in the fall. Fall sown grass has 3 seasons of potential growth before the warm weather of summer arrives. This provides sufficient time for a mature root system to develop. The excellent time to sow grass in our area is September. October is the second top month.

Lawn care

Propper landscaping is your local expert when it comes to your lawn care service needs. The lawn care services we provide include:

  • Edging
  • Lawn mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Pruning
  • Hedging

There is a large number of grass types, and just as many choices on how to take care of them. Regardless of what type of grass and lawn type you have, Propper landscaping will provide the lawn care assistance you need, as a homeowner, to keep your lawn schedule running smoothly.
Getting a best jump on your landscaping needs makes keeping your plant care easy for the following seasons. When the frost goes away and trees start to bed, you have the chance to shape, trim, and clean your trees, lawns, and garden to provide them top chance for success throughout the summer, spring, winter, and fall.

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