Last minute winter lawn care tips

These tips are possibly things you’ve heard or seen before.  In fact, you’ve probably noticed these points in earlier articles on  You may be asking yourself “Are there any lawn services near me?” or plan to do some things yourself, but reminders are never bad,. So here they are in simple form, to help you with your late-season planning.
1. Don’t cut grass when its wet.  just like getting a haircut, getting grass cut works better when its dry.  The clippings won’t stick to our lawnmower. and the grass blades will spring upright as you drive over them.  If you don’t want to squash the soil into a lump surface for next time, don’t mow when its wet, mow when the lawn is dry.

2. Raking, the easy way: If you’re not fond of raking all afternoon, try to  rake from the outside in, so that you’re not chasing tiny leaf piles.  This way you can direct local leaf/grass debris into local piles, to pick up in a few short trips.

3. Back from a vacation? Don’t just cut the grass height all the way down to your baseline.  Make sure to cut it a little at a time, over a week or two.  Remember, grass doesn’t recover well from savage cuts.

4.  Maintain good edges.  Take some time, now and then, to help clearly define tehe borders of all your landscaping areas.  Plants don’t keep in their boundaries unless you make them, so unless you’re using hard edging, trim between trees and lawn, or lawn and garden, routinely.  Your lawn care will benefit from it.

5. Don’t mow in one direction, in straight lines, all the time.  The yard will develop grooves or lines, and the path of your mower will start to show up.  Stripes aren’t flattering, so you can do this in one of two ways; mow your lawn in a haphazard path, changing it every time, or use a crosshatch method, where you go one direction and then the other direction, 90 degrees opposed.

More to come!  There’s always another lawn service question, so if you have one, feel free to call (or email) and ask.

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