Caring for the soil of your lawn

People have a proper pH balance; if the pH is too acidic, or even too alkaline, it will inevitably lead to greater health issues and sickness.  So it is with plants, and if you detect an issue with the health of your lawn, it would b e wise to test the level of the soil first.

What is the ideal pH balance for your soil?  0-14 is the range, where a low reading measures acidity and a high reading measures alkalinity.  So a reading of 7 or lower means acidic, and a reading of 7 or higher means basic, or alkaline.  Plants generally grow best in a range of 6 to 7.
So why would you want to take a soil sample to analyze your lawn and garden?  For plants to survive, they need proper levels of a few basic nutrients.  Everything plants need is found in the earth, but different plants will require slightly different levels of various nutrients.  And a soil test will tell you how much of which nutrients are in your soil.
Its important to know both the pH and the nutrient amounts, because if the pH is wrong, the nutrients may not be as bioavailable to the plants.  So you need to make sure that both the pH levels and nutrient amounts are in the proper range.
Soil tests are not hard to find, and can be obtained from a few different sources: you can find them online, you can order them through the mail, that sort of thing.  But you probably want to check with your county plant people, because they will have the best tests, by far, for your lawn and garden.  These tests will be far more comprehensive than your “garden variety” online tests, so its worth considering paying slightly more, or waiting longer, for the best.  Especially when it comes with suggestions and recommendations for what you can do to improve your soil levels.  This way you will soon find the best soil conditions for your lawn care.


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