Review: The Family Handyman Landscape Projects

Yesterday I picked up a book titled “The Family Handyman: Landscape Projects.” This is a great book from years ago on the subject of planning and planting for your yard and garden. I would recommend this book for anyone who has an interest in landscaping.
I’m going to include an excerpt below, so you can see what I’m talking about.

Lawn Basics
To have a healthy lawn you must plant the proper grass for your region or climatic zone, as explained on this page. You also must give grass the proper care. General techniques for lawn care are explained on pages 14-18; season procedures are on page 19.

Grass Zones
Lawn grasses in North America and the Hawaiian Islands can be divided into types suitable for one of the two major growing zones, northern and southern.
Norther or cool-season grasses thrive in cooler climates, yet can take high daytime temperatures. These grasses usually look their best when the daytime temperature is about 70*F(21*C) and the evening temperatures are 10* to 20*F(5* to 11*C) cooler.Southern or warm-season grasses can survive temperatures into the 90s F (30s C), but do not grow well in cold ground and may not withstand freezing. Of course, some tropical and semitropical grasses will grow only in Florida, other Gulf Coast states, and Hawaii.

The grass zone map (below) shows the northern and southern zones and a transition zone between them. If you live in the higher elevations of the transition zone, plant northern grasses. Plant southern grasses in the warmer sections of this zone, where full sun exposure is more common.
This map is a general guide to the types of grasses that will do best in your area, but some are better than others. Local climate and soil conditions play a significant role in how well certain grasses will grow in any geographic location. Whatever zone you live in , check with a local nursery or country and state agricultural extension office for specific recommendations for your area.

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