Essential Tips Before Lawn Mowing

For optimal lawn health, some amount of mowing is necessary. Just like pruning trees or shrubs, trimming your grass makes it healthier and helps it grow. Here are some stress-saving tips to help you when mowing your lawn:

Get rid of stones and other debris:
First and foremost, before mowing the lawn, it is vital for homeowners to remove stones and other debris. Mowers blades spin so quickly that even pebbles can turn into flying objects. Additionally, any hard object will damage your mower blades, so its best to remove anything you can see that might be an obstruction for your lawnmower.

Do not water the lawn before mowing:
The next thing house owners need to remember before mowing the lawn is to never water the lawn before mowing. When watering the lawn, the soil will be soft. As an outcome, the weight of the mower will cause unsightly marks. Furthermore, watering the lawn before mowing can make leaves slippery causing blades to slip on it rather than cutting it.

Ensure grass is standing up:
It is also important to consider grass position when preparing to trim your lawn. Due to wind and length, grasses tend to lean. Because of this, blades cannot reach the grass. So, you might see benefit in using a besom broom to stop the grass from laying flat, to improve plant stability and aid in a straighter trim.

Check your lawn mower:
After preparing your lawns, it is very important for homeowners to check their lawnmowers. First, check if there are any loose nuts or leaking parts. Afterward , if you’re using powered mower, ensure that the engine is running perfectly. This can be done by checking fuel and oil. Finally, ensure that blades are sharp ; improper trimming doesn’t look good, and can facilitate plant ailments. By doing all these, house owners are rest assured that their lawn mowers can provide the specs that can make mowing more amazing.

Adjusting mower height:
Adjust mower height throughout the rising season. For example, shift the cutting deck higher in summer and permit grass to grow longer. Taller grass helps shade soil, which stops weed growth and slows water evaporation from soil. Taller grass also developers deeper roots, which makes a lawn that can withstand drought better. In late autumn, in areas where winter bring snow cover, lower the cutting deck for the last mowing of the season to support stop snow mold from forming on grass.

Mowing pattern:
Reject mowing in the same pattern or direction each time you know. When you perform this, your risk compacting soil and actually making ruts. Both compacted ruts and soil can lead to grass that is less fit, followed by weeds that thrive in compacted soil.

Call to professionals:
Finally, if you do not have ample time or perhaps do not have the best tools in mowing the lawn, it is time to call in experts. You can ask Propper Landscaping for an opinion, or just look at some of our past landscape work.

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