Lawn Maintenance Service – do you need it?

If you are searching for lawn care services, it starts with two questions.  What areas do you want to care for?  and How much do you plan to do yourself?

Caring for your entire yard may seem overwhelming at first, which is why it helps to break things down into manageable steps.  First and foremost, its a good idea to decide how much needs landscape maintenance, and how much does not.
If all you have is a grass lawn, then lawn care may be all you need.
If your landscaping includes trees, shrubs, or a garden, you may want to opt for regular pruning.  Here are some categories of lawn care service, to help you think through your options

  • bug treatment or disease prevention
  • trimming of shrubs and hedges
  • lawn aeration
  • rainwater collection and irrigation
  • planting or reseeding
  • mulching
  • mowing and edging
  • sustainable plants, drought-resistant options
  • lastly, plant removal, disposal, brush hauling, etc.


Planting and gardening may be a favorite hobby of yours.  Sometimes these tasks can be time consuming , or expensive, so you may decide to perform only certain landscaping maintenance chores, and leave others to a lawn care service.

Also, do you have the tools for the job?  Lawn care can be done with a few tools, of course, but to save time and effort, lawn care services usually carry a variety of equipment to make things go more smoothly (and safely).

Does your yard simply need cultivation, or are your trees in poor health?  Is your garden dying or your lawn missing patches?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” its probably time to replant or repair some of your landscaping.  If you are not experienced in reseeding or laying new sod, you might want to consider hiring a lawn maintenance company.

As you are considering lawn care companies, take a moment to consider “usage” of your yard, such as whether pets or foot traffic caused any damage to your plants.  If changing a path, or adding a border will help, your landscaping professional should have suggestions, like stone pathway ideas or using more durable plants.



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