Gardening checklist for autumn


Spruce up your gardens and planters, before the rainy season.
Consider planting seasonal, short-term varieties, to celebrate the changing weather.
Discounts. Check out your local garden center or home supply store for plants on sale.
Insulate your plants, or add a mulch layer, if you expect harsh cold.

The beginning of Fall is a good time to take stock, think about what worked well for you this year, and plan for next spring.  Its also a good time to take care of your yard tools, so they’ll be clean and sharp for the growing season.
While you’re at it, its a good idea to have your plants trimmed back and renovate the various boundaries dividing lawn from flowers, etc.  And don’t forget about sustainability; with the coming changes in California watering requirements, its not a bad time to think about water storage.  Saving rainwater this winter may go a long way toward maintaining your plants, down the road.

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